Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thing 9: Databases & Search Tools

Can I put my custom search box here?

Yes! I can! This is very cool. I also have my custom search engine linked on a Canadian provinces resource page on my library site.  My fifth grade students have a research project, and the purpose is for students to create a short film to convince someone to either move or visit their region of Canada. This is a very cool way to expand their resources without letting them loose on Google. There's too much junk out there, especially with this topic.

The other piece I experimented with was KidRex. I am not impressed. I did a search for horses (kids like to know about horses!) and these were my first few results:

That's right - Wikipedia, and then a bunch of sites to buy horses. Not kid-friendly. If it fails with horses, it fails outright, especially we have such better options, like SweetSearch.

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