Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thing 10: Productivity Tools

I have used quite a few of these tools. My favorites are Evernote and Google Calendar, both of which I use all the time. I love Google Calendar because I can post my library schedule right on my library wikipage. My super busy schedule is there for everyone (including administrators) to see. I'd like to make better use of Google Calendar by finding an easy way to include what standards I am addressing in each class. Not sure exactly how to go about doing that in a simple fashion. I guess I'd have to go into each class as it comes and add standards in. I don't think there's a way to link it to my online lesson plans. I could market this calendar better to my teachers - encourage them to use it to see when I am available.

I experimented a little bit with scrible. I really like this tool and can see many uses for it. I can definitely use it to teach website evaluation. Ideally, I'd like the students to be able to make annotations and share that with me. I wonder if I can do that without each student having his/her own account. Can I just add the bookmarklet to each browser and have it be connected with my account? Then the students can identify relevant pieces of information and save it to my account. I will have to play around when I get back to school and see if that would work. I could also use it to help teach keywords and identifying main ideas. I love this tool and hope to find ways to use it!

This has been a really interesting and thought-provoking project, even if I did do most of it at the end. I've been working on the "Things" here and there, just not writing about them. Thank you, Polly, for another wonderful experience!

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  1. Good idea for scrible. Seems like it should be able to work as a bookmarklet on all the computers.